The future of Myrtle Beach SC... Your vacation.. Your Dreams

2020 looks to be a big growth for the Grand Strand with $300 million in building permits.

 This means that the vacation spot of Myrtle Beach, SC is growing even more. Businesses are adding more shopping, restaurants, hotels, resorts and fun things to do.

The job market for the area is increasing as well. Home builders are seeing the need as they develop new communities and expand in old areas, too.

As a visitor you will see more options and better pricing on your stay. Hotel rooms and resorts are more competitive than ever. Recently found ocean front hotel rates at $49 off season or how about a condo for a week at $499. 

Peak season visitors are also getting better deals as the inventory of rooms have increased and rates at many locations are now 15% less than years prior.

More is better... Yes, Myrtle Beach SC is a vacation spot that millions enjoy each year. Access to SC shores are easy for all.

Top states visiting have been NC, IL, OH, PE, NJ, WV and FL. Recently many from GA and TX are joining in the SC fun!

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